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Remember, Taxpayers and Voters are the "Employers". Elected Officials are "Employees"

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The Platform

Serving The Community

Viola Davis has been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place.


How Viola Davis Works for You!

She Helped Build Coalitions to Solve Problems:

Viola Davis has a history of serving with several coalitions to help solve problems such as:

Over-Billing of Water/Sewer Services - Viola helped build a coalition to expose over-billing in DeKalb County’s Water/Sewer Department and push for a moratorium on water cut off until the problems are corrected.

Cell Towers on School Grounds - Viola helped build a coalition to place a non-binding cell tower referendum on the ballot. Victory - 75,073 votes (over 62%) agreed to no cell towers on school grounds in DeKalb County.

Landfills - Viola helped build a coalition to help reduce the number of landfills in South DeKalb from approximately 10 down to 2-3.


Sewage Spills and Violation of DeKalb’s Consent Decree - Viola helped build a coalition to expose the violation of DeKalb County Consent Decree and increase number of sewage spills.

Save school accreditation by pushing for “back up” accreditation - Viola helped build a coalition to bring North and South DeKalb together to return the DeKalb County School System to full accreditation and ensure a “backup” accreditation.

Government Corruption - Viola helped expose government corruption on the local and state level by being a member of watchdog organizations that held government agencies and staff accountable. 

2012 TSPLOST Referendum - Viola was a top strategist in a two year fight to stop the passage of the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST) in 2012. 

United By A Common Goal

Viola Davis knows the value of being a public servant and building coalitions. That's why she is running for this position. Help her help you.


 We want to thank the creator for helping us with this miracle! We want to thank our supporters and hard workers. Our Employers (taxpayers and voters) have hired me to be their "new employee"! 

Election Results:

Viola Davis    -  3,536 (56%)

Earnest Williams (I) -   2,778 (44%)

Get Involved

Viola Davis can't win this race without your help.  Social Media, door-to-door delivery of flyers, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.  Will you help?


Help Elect

Viola Davis

District 87 State Representative

Together, We’ll achieve magnificent things!

As a Soldier/Veteran…I served my Country

As a Registered Nurse…I serve my Patients

As a Community Missionary…I serve God

As District 87 State Representative…I serve Taxpayers & Voters

I’m ready to work for you!

How can you help Viola Davis?

· Register and Vote for Viola Davis in the Democratic Primary Election on May 22, 2018

· Volunteer

· Make a Donation

· Host a meet and greet

· Place a sign in your yard or window decal on your car

· Canvass the neighborhood

· Call ten of your family members and/or friends to ask them to vote for Viola Davis for District 87 State Representative

· Visit our website – www.ViolaDavis.com

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We need Precinct Leaders

Precinct for District 87 – Georgia State House Representative

Brockett (Tuc)

Brockett Elem



Freedom Middle

Hambrick Elem

Idlewood Elem

Midvale Road


North Hairston

Panola Way Elem


Redan Middle

Rockbridge Elem

South Hairston

Stone Mountain Middle

Tucker Library

White Oak

Woodridge Elem

Young Road

Total count of Precinct for District 87: 

20 Precincts


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