Unhappy Taxpayer

   Candidate 4th District DeKalb Board of Commissioners                             

My special interest group is the
taxpayers and residents of DeKalb

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Here’s how you can help immediately:

  • Make a financial contribution-payable to: Viola Davis 4th District Commissioner

  • Place a sign on your lawn and a window decal on your car

  • Call my office to join my volunteer team 404-438-9318

  • Call at least 10 of your friends and ask them to vote for Viola “Unhappy Taxpayer” Davis

  • Register and vote for Viola “Unhappy Taxpayer” Davis on July 15, 2008

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254 Million Dollars!

Where Did Our Money Go?





  • Tell the people in our community the truth about what is happening within county government and how the legislation will affect the community.
  • Educate and inform the people about how their tax dollars are being spent.
  • Develop a “Smart Growth” team made up of people from the county commission, school board, executive departments, i.e., roads and drainage, transportation, etc.  Government agencies need to speak with each other and not operate in a vacuum.


  • Create Neighborhood Planning Units (NPU) to ensure the community is informed, assess the communities’ needs, and develop an effective comprehensive plan for the future.
  • Schedule monthly “question and answer” town hall meetings to keep the people informed.
  • Establish a data base of Neighborhood Associations to ensure a quarterly-to-at-least-yearly visits to local meetings on location.


  • Children, families, and communities – act against anything that adversely affects our community.  We need to increase recreational facilities and social activities for our children.
  • Taxpayers and Voters – hold the line on taxes and ensure the citizens get the most for their tax dollars.
  • Environment – vote against the expansion of landfills in DeKalb County and hold waste management accountable by sounding the alarm when rules, regulations, policy and procedures are not followed as mandated by the state and federal government.


  • Set a standard of accountability that involves fiduciary responsibility in the mission statement for the Board of Commissioners
  • Be innovative and creative to develop programs that address issues and solve problems.
  • Evaluate our policies and procedures to ensure they produce the positive results demanded by our taxpayers and voters.
Dear DeKalb Taxpayers and Voters:

I am Viola “Unhappy Taxpayer” Davis and I have been a proud resident of the 4th Commission District for over 14 years. I am currently running for the 4th District Commissioner’s seat and I need your help.

For the past 6 years I have regularly attended Board of Commissioners meetings. My passion to keep the public informed has allowed me to share with the community how our taxpayer dollars are spent, including identifying misuse of services and wasteful spending of taxpayers hard earned money. Information gained from those meetings also allowed me to address other issues which have directly, and indirectly, adversely affected our community. At this point I have decided to become, not just an “unhappy taxpayer and voter”, but a candidate representing the 4th District who will truly represent the needs and concerns of all constituents.

I have always proclaimed that taxpayers and voters are the “employers” and elected officials the “employees”. As your future employee, I am dedicated to you and will always work in your best interests. With your generous support, I will succeed in winning the 4th District Commissioner’s seat which will prove not only beneficial to you but to generations to come.

Accountability, open government, law enforcement, and cutting wasteful spending are the foundations of my campaign.

Viola “Unhappy Taxpayer” Davis
Candidate, 4th District County Commissioner


Task Force to Elect Viola Davis