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My special interest group is the
taxpayers and residents of DeKalb

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Here’s how you can help immediately:

  • Make a financial contribution-payable to: Viola Davis 4th District Commissioner

  • Place a sign on your lawn and a window decal on your car

  • Call my office to join my volunteer team 404-438-9318

  • Call at least 10 of your friends and ask them to vote for Viola “Unhappy Taxpayer” Davis

  • Register and vote for Viola “Unhappy Taxpayer” Davis on July 15, 2008

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254 Million Dollars!

Where Did Our Money Go?


Viola Davis Has Been On The Job For DeKalb Taxpayers:

Viola Davis has attended over 90% of the DeKalb Board of Commissioners meetings for over six years as a volunteer of the Unhappy Taxpayer and Voter advocacy group – a tax and community watchdog ministry. She has a passion to educate the public and keep the taxpayer and voter informed about their government. Who better to protect our tax dollars and make sure there’s oversight and accountability in DeKalb County government?

Let us give you some examples and you be the judge:

Evaluating over 82 Board of Commissioner and Special Called meetings attendance records from January 2006 to May 2008, Viola Davis has the same attendance as the top Commissioner with the best attendance:

Attendance over 82 Board of Commissioner and Special Called meetings

Viola Davis
Commissioners Kathie Gannon
Commissioner Larry Johnson
Commissioner Burrell Ellis
Commissioner Connie Stokes
Commissioner Elaine Boyer


Congratulations to Commissioner Kathie Gannon for having the best attendance record for the evaluation period of years 2004-2006 & 2006-2008!

*Commissioner Rader and Commissioner May did not serve during the full evaluation period from January 2006 until May 2008, so their attendance is not included.


View an extensive article/slideshow of the work Viola Davis has done since 2000

Task Force to Elect Viola Davis