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My special interest group is the
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  • Make a financial contribution-payable to: Viola Davis 4th District Commissioner

  • Place a sign on your lawn and a window decal on your car

  • Call my office to join my volunteer team 404-438-9318

  • Call at least 10 of your friends and ask them to vote for Viola “Unhappy Taxpayer” Davis

  • Register and vote for Viola “Unhappy Taxpayer” Davis on July 15, 2008

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Why Elect Viola Davis?

• Attended over 90% of the BOC meetings over the pass six years
• Educated and informed the public during public comment on DCTV Channel 23
• Founder of Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter – a tax and community watchdog group
• Bachelor of Science from Medical College of Georgia as a Registered Nurse
• Veteran of the United States Army with Officer and Airborne training
• License Real Estate Agent in 1997


TRUTHFULNESS IN GOVERNMENT: Schedule monthly public hearings and forums that is open for public comments, questions, and answers to educate the taxpayers and voter; maintain an open door policy. Public comment will start at the time advertised on the agenda for the Board of Commissioners meetings.

LAW ENFORCEMENT: Investigate why there’s a large turnover and low morale in the Police Department. Finance the Police Department the same as the Fire Department to prevent the movement and/or manipulation of the money by creating a new special tax district. Improve the retention of police officers by increasing incentives such as take home cars.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Develop a Community Improvement District (CID) to finance improvements in commercial areas with grants to increase investment and development. Ensure government financial tools such as Tax Allocation Districts (TAD) are used to redevelop blighted areas of the county instead of areas with homes in the price range of $400,000-$600,000.

• MILLAGE RATE: Control millage rate increases through effective management and oversight of county expenditures to stop the increase in our property taxes.

• OPEN & TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT: To uphold an open, honest and transparent government to stop waste, mismanagement, fraud, etc. When the public has an open records request, I will answer the request without causing the citizens to go to court in order to obtain public information. As a representative, I am responsible to keep the public informed and educated.

• RECREATION: Increase and improve present recreational facilities, programs and social activities for children of all ages by creating public-nonprofit partnerships. Develop and finance a convention center for DeKalb County.

• ACCOUNTABILITY: Maintain a high level of accountability and efficiency where our tax dollars are involved and report to the public anything that threatens the viability of our government. Develop a False Claim Ordinance and Inspector General to protect taxpayers’ hard earned money from waste, mismanagement, fraud, etc. When the law is violated, prosecute the violator to the fullest extent of the law.

• CODE ENFORCEMENT: Be a voice for the enforcement of local laws to stop junk cars, trash and overgrown grass, etc. for the betterment of the public and quality of life; Finance more code enforcement officers to address the back log of complaints voiced by the community.

Task Force to Elect Viola Davis
Phone: 404-438-9318    Website: www.violadavis.com    Email: info@violadavis.com


Task Force to Elect Viola Davis